About Sonipat District
The district got its name, from its administrative headquarters, `Sonipat'. It was earlier known as `Sonaprastha' which later became `Swarnaprastha' meaning 'Golden Place/City'. It is one of the five Prasthas which are mentioned in Mahabharata i.e. Indraprastha, Panipat, Talpat, Bhaghpat and Sonipat. It is also believed that it was demanded by Yudhishthira from Duryodhana in place of Hastinapur kingdom. It became one of the district of Haryana state on 22nd December, 1972. Earlier it was a part of Rohtak district. 

Location and Territores
 It is a part of Rohtak division. It is surrounded by Panipat district in the North, Uttar Pradesh in the East, Delhi in the South, Rohtak district in the West and Jind district in the North-West. It is located on Western Yamuna Canal. 

Sonipat is Famous For 
It is world famous for its Cycle Industry. Atlas Cycle Industry is located here. The International Horticulture Market is set up in Gannaur tehsil of the district. India's first Design University, namely, 'World University of Design' has been set up in Sonipat district in 2017. India's first tourism University is located in Rai city in Sonipat district. Important tourist places are Mama Bhanja Dargah, Tomb of Khwaja Khizr Khan, Akbarpur Barota, Baba Dham, Jurasik Prak Inn, Mojo Land and so on. 

Some Basic data about the district is given below: 

• Total Area - 2122 sq km 

• Density - 683 persons per sq km 

• Sex-Ratio - 856 females per 1000 males 

• Headquarters - Sonipat 

• Total Population - 1,45,001 

• Literacy Rate - 79.12% 

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