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About Sirsa District
This district got its name from its headquarters Sirsa which was founded by king Saras in 7th century. Its ancient name was `Sairishakha' which is mentioned in Mahabharata, Panini's Ashatadhayayi ' and ' Divyavadan '. The name was later changed to `Sirsa'. In the medieval period, it was a part of Rania kingdom. In 1837, the British formed a new district called Bhattiana and induded Sirsa in it. In 1858, Bhattiana district was renamed as Sirsa. In 1884, Sirsa district was abolished and included in Hisar district as its tehsil. It came into existence as a district of Haryana state on 26th August, 1975. 

Location and Territories 
It is a part of Hisar division. Sirsa district is surrounded by Faridkot and Bhatinda districts of Punjab in the North and North-East, Ganga Nagar district of Rajasthan in the West and South and Fatehabad district in the East. Ghaggar river is an important river of this district 

Sirsa is Famous For 
It is also known as `Saraswati Town'. Sirsa district is the state's first open defection free district (in 2016). Important tourist locations of Sirsa district are Tomb of Khwaja Pir, Hanuman Temple, Dadi Sati Temple, Gurdwara Guru Gobind Singh, Chamar Khera, Suchan (archaeological site). 

Some Basic data about the district is given below: 

• Headquarters - Sirsa 

• Total Area - 4277 sq km 

• Total Population - 12,95,189 (Largest Area) 

• Density - 303 persons per sq km (Lowest Density) 

• Literacy Rate - 68.82% 

• Sex Ratio - 897 females per 1000 males 

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