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 About Palwal District 
This district got its name from a demon `Palawasur who ruled this place during the reign of Pandavas. Palwal was earlier known as 'Apelava'. Earlier Palwal was a part of Punjab province and a part of Gurugram district. In 1979, Gurugram was divided to form a new district of Faridabad and Palwal became its part. Palwal district was carved out from Faridabad district on 13th August, 2008 and became the 21st district of Haryana. 

Location and Territories
This district is a part of Faridabad division. It is surrounded by Faridabad district in the North, Uttar Pradesh in the East and South, Mewat/Nuh district in the West and Gurugram district in the North-West. Yamuna is the main river of Palwal district. 

Famous For 
Palwal is the place where Gandhiji was arrested for the first time during the protest against Rowlatt Act. Thus, Subhash Chandra Bose constructed 'Gandhi Ashram' in 1938 in the memory of Gandhiji. Palwal district is famous for sugar and cycle industries. The famous 'Baldev Chhath Ka Mela' is organised here every year. Important tourists places of the district are Safi Ica Sthan, Angani Kund, Gandhi Musetur Panchavati temple, Pandav Van.

Basic data about the district is given below: 

• Headquarters - Palwal 

• Total Area - 1359 sq km 

• Total Population - 10,42,708 

• Density - 767 persons per sq km 

• Literacy Rate - 69.32%

• Sex Ratio - 880 females per 1000 mak • 

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