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Nuh District
Formerly knon as Mewat district,
Officially known as Nuh district, was carved out from Gurugram district and by merging of Hathin block of Faridabad district on 4th April, 2005. Later, in 2008 the Hathin sub-division was moved to the new district of Palwal. In 2016, the district was renamed as `Nuh District.' 

Location and Territories
 It is a part of Faridabad division. It is surrounded by Gurugram district in the North, Palwal district in the East, Alwar district (Rajasthan) in the South and West and Rewari district in the West. Famous For At the time of its formation, the district was known as Satyamev Puram. Important tourist places of the district are Gandhi Park, Chuhimal Ka Talab, Chard Complex, Kotla Lake and so on. 

Basic data about the district is given below:

• Headquarters - Nuh

• Total Area - 1507 sq km

• Total population - 10,89,263

• Density - 723 persons per sq km

• Literacy Rate - 54.08% (Lowest Literacy Rate) 

• Sex Ratio - 907 females per 1000 males (Highest Sex-Ratio) 

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