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About Fatehabad District
 This district got its name as Fatehabad from the town which was founded by Firoz Shah Tughlaq in the 14th century after his victory and birth of his son, Fateh Khan (On 23rd August, 1351 CE). The old name of this place was Iqdar. Earlier it was a part of Rania principality but after 1784 AD, Khan Bandur Khan Bhatti made this place his headquarters and established Fatehabad principality. In 1810, Colonel Adam included Fatehabad into Hisar division. Fatehabad district was carved out from the erstwhile Hisar district on 15th July, 1997. 

Location and Territories 
This district is a part of Hisar division. The district is surrounded by Punjab state in the North, Jind district in the East, Sirsa district in the West and Hisar district and Rajasthan state in the South. 

Fatehabad Famous For 
The first cotton mill of the district was established in 1963. Haryana's first nuclear power plant was set up in this district (in Gorakhpur village) The important tourist places of the district are Banawali Archaeological Site (Indus Valley Civilisation), Fatehabad Masjid, Lat of Firoz Shah, Asoka Pillar, Humayun Mosque, Fatehabad Fort, Mir Shah Tomb and so on. 

Basic data about the district is given below: 

• Headquarters - Fatehabad 

• Total Area - 2538 sq km 

• Total Popultation - 9,42,011 

•  Density - 371 persons per sq km 

• Literacy Rate - 67.92% °I Sex Ratio - 902 females per 1000 males 

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